Meet Our WellLife Network Superheroes

Natalie Wood Creates Gives Motherly Love to All who Live at the Butler ICF Residence

Natalie Wood, Assistant Manager at WellLife Network's Butler Intensive Care Facility (ICF) ensures everyone who comes to Butler feels welcomed. New staff and visitors always get a grand tour. From the tour of the residence alone, her love for the house can be felt. She enthusiastically gives a guided tour of each room and explains in detail how the accouterments and decor meet the interests and needs of each resident in her charge.

Natalie offers comfort, support, and is always a listening ear or shoulder to lean on. She is flexible and accommodating to her staff and residents alike. Her house team is very loyal and motivated because she always does the same for them. Every month she celebrates birthdays for residents and staff, complete with cake and a song. She always shows her appreciation and gratitude to her staff, which fosters a nurturing family environment.

Natalie Wood, Assistant Manager, prepares packages for residents of Butler ICF.

A Proactive and Supportive Assistant Manager

Natalie is also very good at identifying the strengths of her staff and the residents, to ensure that the day-to-day operations at Butler are seamless.

On many occasions, Natalie never hesitates to put aside holidays with her family to spend time with her Butler family. The residents love spending time with her. They can often be seen following her around Butler, sitting with her in her office while she plays their favorite music with aromatherapy, accompanying her to the grocery store, or helping her in the kitchen.

During the COVID-19, Natalie is a staunch supporter of her staff and residence. She is attentive to their needs and offers comfort. Natalie makes sure everyone in the residence is safe and maintains a sense of normalcy for the residents.

Her person-centered, family-oriented approach creates a world of difference in the environment and culture at Butler ICF. Natalie Wood is truly is a Superhero!

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