Meet Our WellLife Network Superheroes - IT Ingenuity Saves Lives

Jason Kanable - an Information Technology Superhero

Jason Kanable, Business Application Manager, IT serves the Agency behind the scenes in a myriad of ways, including ensuring the implementation and training for new and existing applications and software tools across the organization. He also provides leadership and mentorship for the IT team. Jason assists with website and Learning Management System development, upkeep, and maintenance.

A Favorite Hobby Satisfies a Critical Need

One of Jason's favorite hobbies is 3D printing. He enjoys creating amazing objects and signage from intricate trinket boxes and masks to futuristic robots with eyes that move. You have probably have seen his work at the annual staff party with his robotic light-up masks.

The 3D printer busily at work creating the base for the face visor.

Soon into the COVID-19 crisis, Jason learned of the extreme difficulty that the purchasing department had in finding protective face shields at a reasonable cost and that would ship quickly. The online cost was prohibitive anywhere from $6-60 each and many did not include the plastic visor insert. None were available for shipment until the middle of May.

Overnight, Jason programmed a visor holder and used heavyweight clear acetate to create the shield. An amazing bit of IT ingenuity. The average cost of Jason's visors were a thrifty fifty-five cents each.

Jason Kanable quality tests a newly assembled face shield.

In a matter of two days, he created, assembled, and packaged some 200 visors for use in our residential services. These face shields are life-saving barriers to the virus, giving both our staff extra protection as well as the individuals we serve.

Jason was proactive in seeing an acute Agency need, taking the initiative to resolve the issue and, at the same time, saving WellLife much needed dollars. Thanks, Jason - the next roll of printer filament for your printer is on WellLife Network.

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