Meet WellLife Network's DD Residential Superhero


Champawattie Dhanasar - Direct Service Professional Staff Member Shows Concern and Passion for Staff

Champawattie Dhanasar also known as “Debbie” has worked at Grand Central IRA residence since 2017. For three years she has been giving her all to the nine people who call the Grand Central Residence their home. Debbie is a hardworking, dependable, and reliable worker. 


During this pandemic, Debbie places the people we serve first. No matter what the task, she is always willing and able to provide the services needed to keep her residents safe, well cared for, and content. As a Direct Service Professional staff member, Debbie is always willing to stay an extra shift to make sure that the individuals receive their needed medications.


A Gentle and Motivated Direct Service Professional

Debbie is a very gentle and self-motivated person. She never complains and always goes the extra mile to ensure that the people she cares for receive personalized and compassionate care. 

Champawattie Dhanasar completes the chart on the services she provides to the residents.


The residents, staff, and management appreciate everything that Debbie has accomplished to make Grand Central IRA a better work environment. During Covid-19, Debbie always responds positively to be called upon at the last minute to cover shifts. She is genuinely concerned about all of the residents’ wellbeing.  “I wanted to be here for them," said Debbie. She is driven by the compassion she has for the residents and “seeing their faces light up” when she cares for them. Debbie is a model employee and role model for other staff members at WellLife Network.

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