Meet WellLife Network's Long Island Superheroes

Addiction Recovery Services Staff Makes a Difference

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Addiction Recovery Services (ARS) Huntington staff has demonstrated a unique brand of heroism. Clinical staff continues to work from the office providing services, both in-person and via telepractice, to maintain a continuity of care. 

Clerical staff continues to ensure that the office is open and fully operational. By continuing to provide daily behavioral health outpatient services, our clinicians are reducing the rate of hospitalizations due to substance use incidences, allowing hospitals to treat more critically ill patients affected by COVID-19.

Special Thanks to a Dedicated Staff

WellLife Network takes this opportunity to thank and praise our dedicated social workers, mental health counselors, CASACs, and clerical staff. They continue to work in the field each day to meet the pressing needs of the community. 

(Top Row-L-R) Jayme Gooberdhan, David Chermak, Amy Platt, Elissa Columbo, Maura Durkin, and Meryl Camer. (Bottom Row-L-R) Danielle Angotta, Daniela Yovino, Kasey Madigan, and Caitlyn Figoraski.

We are living in a new reality, but, there are some things that will not change, like the commitment of our staff to help others. I will be forever grateful for the many incredible heroes who selflessly provide services to those we know are most in need.
Thank you,
Rebecca Costa
Vice President, Operations

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