Susana Hall – “One of A Kind"


Susana Hall is a vibrant and friendly woman who resides at one of WellLife Network’s 36 residences for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities. Susana is of Panamanian ancestry and speaks fluently in both English and Spanish. At the residence, Susana is a “Domestic Diva” and loves to help the staff with preparing meals for her housemates. She proudly incorporates her Panamanian ancestry in many of the dishes she prepares. “I love living here,” said Susana, the staff teaches me new things all the time, like how to clean my room and cook new dishes”.  


Susana and her housemates have lived together since the residence opened in 2007. She considers them to be an extended family and is looked upon as a “big sister”. Susana’s work day consists of cooking with her “sisters” and volunteering at a nursing home in the community. Her French Toast is considered “the best” in Queens, New York. 


Susana greets any visitor to the residence with a warm smile and a big “Hello” and loves showing visitors her bedroom where she very proudly displays mementos from her many trips with her family and housemates. Susana is fortunate to have a very close bond with her large extended family and enjoys traveling on family vacations. 


In the future, Susana would like to create a cookbook with all of her favorite recipes to share with family, friends and the community.


To WellLife Network and the staff who assist her, that is what makes Susana One of a Kind.


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