WellLife Network Celebrates Minority Mental Health Month

OMNI residents proudly display their native flags in celebration of Minority Mental Health Month.

 "I love this event," exclaimed Jose R., a resident of WellLife Network's OMNI residence. "I would like to experience events like this every other week!"


On July 29, WellLife Network celebrated Minority Mental Health Awareness Month at its OMNI Residence. In the human services field, the word "minority" reflects a broad range of meanings, including individuals with mental health challenges.


Honoring Traditions - Celebrating Differences

The residents of OMNI thought it would be an excellent opportunity to celebrate this occasion with a barbeque, honoring their cultures and traditions. Clients shared their family's country of origin and other cultural highlights of their childhood. Each attendee was encouraged to craft their birthplace flag to help them generate a feeling of pride. Residents also engaged in gross motor activities that helped them to build trust with staff and with their house peers.


The minefield exercise created a new camaraderie amongst OMNI residents.

Trust building activities included a water balloon toss and a blindfolded obstacle course. The "minefield" course was an exercise where one blindfolded client navigates through obstacles. Their only guidance was the sound of their partner's voice. These engaging, trust-building activities were reinforced with prizes and gifts. Clients enjoyed a healthful lunch that was graciously prepared by OMNI employees.


Residents' reactions said it all. Angel R. proclaimed, "Making my flag of Puerto Rico made me feel fulfilled and motivated me to compete for prizes." Maria L. declared, "I enjoyed the food served by the WellLife staff. If there were another event of this sort, I would definitely attend". 


(L-R) Tommy Valenti, summer intern; Crystal John, Vice President, BH Residential Services; Leighton Davis, Omni House Manager; House Residents and (far-right, back row) Anne Marie Kanable, Executive Administrative Assistant

Fostering Communication and Trust

In an environment that focuses on client-centered activities, the Minority Mental Health Celebration was a positive step in fostering communication, trust and increased interaction amongst residents. The feedback on a post-event survey indicated a very high approval rating. WellLife Network plans to establish the Minority Mental Health Awareness Month as an annual event at its residences.


WellLife Network offers a broad range of behavioral health residential and other services to some 25,000 each year who face mental health, developmental disabilities and addiction recovery challenges. For further information on WellLife Network's behavioral health services go to: https://www.welllifenetwork.org/what_we_do/behavioral_health

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