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WellLife Network Celebrates World Mental Health Day

October 8, 2021


WellLife Network Celebrates
World Mental Health Day

"This is a great day in many ways," exclaimed Patricia R., a resident of one of WellLife Network's 145 homes and apartments who gathered at Garden Hair & Beauty Salon in Forest Hills, NY to celebrate World Mental Health Day. "Today we are here at the hair salon with Leo, the owner, to relax and look amazing! I saw the photos of my friends who had a makeover here last year and they looked fantastic. We are proud to support one another," exclaimed Carmen G., a resident at one of WellLife Network's housing alternatives.  


Supporting Health, Education, Awareness, and Advocacy Against the Stigma of Mental Health Illness

World Mental Health Day is celebrated annually on October 10th to highlight issues of global mental health education, awareness, and advocacy against the social stigma of mental health illnesses. Treatment and support are available for those who need it—and the door to conversation must always remain open. For the individuals who had a makeover, the day was a time to relax and enjoy the feeling of being special. The Garden Hair & Beauty Salon donated 10% of its sales on October 10th to WellLife Network. Customers who participated on that day instantly received a profile of a family or individual whose life is being transformed by one of WellLife's mental health programs.


Leo, the principal of Garden Hair & Beauty Salon and a good friend of WellLife Network, examines a participant's hair to determine the best cut and style. 

Through WellLife Network's residential, day, care coordination, and vocational training programs, thousands of individuals learn to cope more effectively with their mental health issues while gaining greater independence. The project was initiated by Crystal John, Vice President, Behavioral Health Residential programs.

Pat R., a participant remarked, "We all face the angst of life, especially with the COVID virus that has plagued our community. Now we have one day to relax and get our hair in order and face revitalized. It feels and looks awesome."

Voila . . . "I feel beautiful and well. What a difference. Thanks for inviting me. Corrine, the makeup artist did an amazing job!", boasted Angelina G.

Honoring Traditions - Celebrating Differences

Makeover participants were treated to a healthy lunch. Each resident was encouraged to participate in a discussion that focused on how they feel and look after the makeover experience.

Fostering Communication and Trust

WellLife Network offers a broad range of behavioral health residential and other services to some 25,000 individuals and families each year who face mental health, developmental disabilities and substance use challenges. For further information on WellLife Network's Behavioral Health services click the button below. 



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