WellLife Network Honors Its Veteran Staff

WellLife Network Veteran employees were honored at a breakfast recently recognizing their valor, integrity and pride. (Front row, center left) Lt. Commander Melinda M. Staton gave a riveting keynote address. Rosemary Nuccio, Consultant for Veteran Affairs, emceed the event. 

WellLife Network Honors Its Employee Veterans

WellLife Network recognizes the value and skills that veterans bring to an organization – loyalty, expertise, leadership, dedication and comradery. We actively hire individuals who have served proudly in our military and recently honored our Veteran employees on November 7, at a breakfast at the Executive Offices. Each veteran received a medal of“Valor, Integrity and Pride” for their service to our country and loyalty to WellLife Network.

Lt. Commander Melinda M. Staton offered a riveting keynote address during which she reflected back on her service as a young, black female commissioned officer in the United States Navy. Her duty was fraught with biases and injustices as she related her personal story of making tough choices to stand or remain with the status quo.

Her travels around the world introduced her to other cultures and social mores different from those she was accustomed to in the United States. It gave her a broader perspective of the values that were dear to her upbringing. She chose to stand up to injustices of sexism and racism when she experienced them and reminded us that she chose to serve in the armed forces so that United States citizens could experience freedom and justice for all.  

Gold Star Mother Award Given to Simona Francis

A special Gold Star Mother Award was presented to Simona Francis, Recruitment Coordinator, in memory of her beloved son LeRon Wilson. Private First Class Le Ron Wilson, 18, was tragically killed as he patrolled an area south of Baghdad, Iraq.

In his comments, Willie Scott, Vice President, Public Affairs stated that “Simona was strong and resolute during this period. She is a “special woman” who helped others cope with the horrific news. We all shared her sorrow.”   


(L-R) Simona Francis receives special Gold Star Mother Award from Lori Alameda, CFO, WellLife Network.

Anika Bascom Honored

WellLife Network also honored Anika Bascom, RN, the wife of Gregory Bascom, who is now serving in the United States Air Force. Gregory is deployed in Afghanistan. In presenting a beautiful bouquet to Ms. Bascom, Leonard White, Director of Nursing stated that we all pray that Gregory and the others in his unit remain safe and secure. “All of us at WellLife Network would like to thank you, Anika, for the sacrifice and that you and your family are making to keep us all safe,” said Mr. White.


Anika Bascom, RN receives a beautiful bouquet from Leonard White, RN, Director of Nursing recognizing Ms. Bascom and her husband Gregory who is currently serving in Afghanistan.

A Special Farewell to Rosemary Nuccio

Rosemary Nuccio, Consultant for Veteran Affairs, who will be leaving WellLife Network, was recognized and lauded for outstanding service in creating the Operation VETS program. Alan M. Weinstock, retired CEO of WellLife, told of Ms. Nuccio’s passion and compassion for veterans when she began the program some seven years ago. Ms. Nuccio, over the years, developed informative and educational seminars, created fundraising initiatives for families in need and most recently directed and planned the development of the Operation VETS microsite on the WellLife Network website. We wish her well and are proud to carry on her valuable work.


Alan M. Weinstock, former CEO, WellLife Network presents service award to Rosemary Nuccio, Consultant for Veteran Affairs. 

Weinstock noted that the Operation VETS program, which Ms. Nuccio established, promotes the confidence of veterans and offers a grassroots response that ensures veterans who face economic hardship, are embraced by a strong, vibrant, and caring community.

To learn more about Veteran's services at WellLife Network, log on to www.WellLifeNetwork.org/Veterans.

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