WellLife Network Honors Outstanding Staff

2019 Honorees prepare to enjoy their Employee of the Year celebration cake: (L-R) Tavia Davidson, Crystal Morgan, Maria Feleppa, Carlos Vazquez, Brittney Herbert, Nadia Sterling, and Faridulla Niazmand.


Network honored 12 loyal employees who have gone above and beyond in performing their job responsibilities at its Annual Staff Employee of the Year Luncheon on February 28, 2020. The assembled staff brings more than 54 years of program and support services – ranging from residential, day habilitation, quality assurance, case management, infrastructure services and more. This event was organized by WellLife's Human Resources Department and the Employee Engagement Committee.


Twelve Employees Who Embrace Our Mission

Each honoree brings to the workplace their passion and compassion for the people we serve. “Working at Network for many years is like working with family. Together, we work in unison to make a difference,” said Nadia Sterling, Program Director, Horizon Residence. Other award recipients include Tavia Davidson, HCBS;  Prince, Consumer Service Coordinator; Naheed Wali, Assistant Payroll Manager; Jessica Thomassen, Clinical Supervisor; Crystal Morgan; Luis Vanegas, Facilities Supervisor; Faridulla Niazmand, IT Support Engineer; Carlos Vasquez, Messenger; Mohanlal Bisram, Transportation Coordinator; Maria Feleppa, Residence Manager; Brittney Herbert, Jr. Benefits Administrator; and Nadia Sterling, Program Director, Horizon residence.


Sherry Tucker, CEO thanked each staff member for their loyalty and dedication and going the 'extra mile' to carry out WellLife's mission. "You make a difference in the lives of 2,500 individuals and families we serve each day Thank you for your special talents and passion." 

Honorees received a Certificate of Appreciation and a beautifully detailed pin recognizing their achievements. They then spoke of their journeys at Network and how their efforts made a steadfast impact on the people we serve each day.


Join us in congratulating the award winners. Write to info@WellLifeNetwork.org

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