WellLife Network Hosts "Take Our Sons and Daughters to Work Day"


WellLife Network welcomed its youngest recruits early this morning as more than 20 girls and boys of our staff attended our version of National Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. This day is recognized on the fourth Thursday in April each year. This annual event is an educational program in the United States where parents take their children to work with them for one day.



They were welcomed by Sherry Tucker, CEO, WellLife Network and were introduced to each of the executives and their departments at the executive offices. Then it was off to work as each of the children visited with their parents to discover what their moms and dads do each day. The children also explored career planning and were taught how to write a resume, which helped them make informed decisions about their future goals and career paths. Even the 5 year olds were encouraged to participate by listing their favorite activities.



A nutritious lunch was served and there were healthy snacks available all day long. The day culminated with a painting party, where special outdoor totems were created. These totems will be placed at our residential sites that are being re-landscaped in May by our volunteer network.



WellLife Network hopes to continue sponsoring this special day to allow our youth to and share knowledge, experience and advice around education, career choices and relevant skills required in today’s workplace.

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