WellLife Network Takes the EmployAbility Pledge

Did you know that New York State's economy is effectively at full employment, yet 70% of individuals with disabilities are unemployed simply because they lack opportunity? That percentage represents thousands of men and women and a tremendous untapped resource of qualified employees. 


This month, WellLife Network signed the EmployAbility Pledge as a way to recommit ourselves to inclusion and accessibility for all people. We value the unique abilities and talents each person has to offer and we understand that in order to promote the independence of individuals with disabilities, we must also allow them to participate in the community as valued employees.


Your company can be among the first in the state to join us in embracing people of all abilities in the workplace. Take the EmployAbility Pledge today and demonstrate that your business or organization is committed to the spirit of inclusivity by employing qualified individuals with disabilities and providing everyone full opportunities to be your patrons and customers.


When you take the Pledge, you will receive a window decal and a badge for your website designating your business as one that supports inclusion. Your business or organization’s name will also be listed in a press release and on the OPWDD, Employment First Commission, and other partner websites. Click here to add your name to this list today!

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