WellLife Network Veteran employees were honored at a breakfast recently recognizing their valor, integrity and pride. (Front row, center left) Lt. Commander Melinda M. Staton gave a riveting keynote address. Rosemary Nuccio, Consultant for Veteran Affairs, emceed the event. 

WellLife Network Honors Its Employee Veterans

WellLife Network recognizes the value and skills that veterans bring to an organization – loyalty, expertise, leadership, dedication and comradery. We actively hire individuals who have served proudly in our military and recently honored our Veteran employees on November 7, at a breakfast at the Executive Offices. Each veteran received a medal of“Valor, Integrity and Pride” for their service to our country and loyalty to WellLife Network.

Lt. Commander Melinda M. Staton offered a riveting keynote address during which she reflected back on her service as a young, black female commissioned officer in the United States Navy. Her duty was fraught with biases and injustices as she related her personal story of making tough choices to stand or remain with the status quo.

Her travels around the world introduced her to other cultures and social mores different from those she was accustomed to in the United States. It gave her a broader perspective of the values that were dear to her upbringing. She chose to stand up to injustices of sexism and racism when she experienced them and reminded us that she chose to serve in the armed forces so that United States citizens could experience freedom and justice for all.  

Gold Star Mother Award Given to Simona Francis

A special Gold Star Mother Award was presented to Simona Francis, Recruitment Coordinator, in memory of her beloved son LeRon Wilson. Private First Class Le Ron Wilson, 18, was tragically killed as he patrolled an area south of Baghdad, Iraq.

In his comments, Willie Scott, Vice President, Public Affairs stated that “Simona was strong and resolute during this period. She is a “special woman” who helped others cope with the horrific news. We all shared her sorrow.”   


(L-R) Simona Francis receives special Gold Star Mother Award from Lori Alameda, CFO, WellLife Network.

Anika Bascom Honored

WellLife Network also honored Anika Bascom, RN, the wife of Gregory Bascom, who is now serving in the United States Air Force. Gregory is deployed in Afghanistan. In presenting a beautiful bouquet to Ms. Bascom, Leonard White, Director of Nursing stated that we all pray that Gregory and the others in his unit remain safe and secure. “All of us at WellLife Network would like to thank you, Anika, for the sacrifice and that you and your family are making to keep us all safe,” said Mr. White.


Anika Bascom, RN receives a beautiful bouquet from Leonard White, RN, Director of Nursing recognizing Ms. Bascom and her husband Gregory who is currently serving in Afghanistan.

A Special Farewell to Rosemary Nuccio

Rosemary Nuccio, Consultant for Veteran Affairs, who will be leaving WellLife Network, was recognized and lauded for outstanding service in creating the Operation VETS program. Alan M. Weinstock, retired CEO of WellLife, told of Ms. Nuccio’s passion and compassion for veterans when she began the program some seven years ago. Ms. Nuccio, over the years, developed informative and educational seminars, created fundraising initiatives for families in need and most recently directed and planned the development of the Operation VETS microsite on the WellLife Network website. We wish her well and are proud to carry on her valuable work.


Alan M. Weinstock, former CEO, WellLife Network presents service award to Rosemary Nuccio, Consultant for Veteran Affairs. 

Weinstock noted that the Operation VETS program, which Ms. Nuccio established, promotes the confidence of veterans and offers a grassroots response that ensures veterans who face economic hardship, are embraced by a strong, vibrant, and caring community.

To learn more about Veteran's services at WellLife Network, log on to www.WellLifeNetwork.org/Veterans.

Ready, Get Set, Go for Wellness

"Supporting a trustworthy charity such as WellLife Network helps to enhance our reach adn raise awareness and funds for a worthy cause and the community at large."

- John Pfenning, Area Vice President, Business Development, Gallagher

WellLife Network joined forces with the New York Islanders and a dynamic mix of key community advocates on November 4, 2018 to raise awareness and funds for New Yorkers faced with developmental disabilities, mental health and addiction challenges. New York Islanders' Sparky the Dragon led the charge as more than 300 runners gathered at Eisenhower Park in Westbury, New York for the second annual WellLife Network 5K Run/Walk. The Run culminated a six month agency-wide wellness campaign to improve overall staff fitness through regular exercise and adopting a healthier diet. 

Friends and Family Raise Over $25,000

Together, more than 40 staff, friends and family members raised more than $25,000 for WellLife Network's essential programs. Some of those programs offer counseling and referral services to survivors of domestic violence on Long Island and provide community education and prevention programs for children and adults coping with addiction recovery issues. 

WellLife Network would like to recognize the key corporate partners and private advocates who made the 5K Run/Walk such an outstanding success. A very special thank you to: ABT Appliance Brokers & Traders; All Biz, Inc.; Thomas A. Blumberg; Economy Fuel Oil, Inc.; Four Seasons Enterprises, Inc.; Gallagher; Gannon Electrical Corp.; Surujdai Gopaul and Rohan Mohan; HSBC Charitable Foundation; Imperial Dade; Bense J. Kopgram; Moveco Moving Services; Netsmart; Premier Supplies; The Ray-Bloch Stationery Co., Inc.; SavMor; Marvin Sperling; Sterling Sanitary Supply, Corp.; Tonerprice.com; Tristate Apartment Furnishers; Sherry and Dirk Tucker; Urban Architectural Initiatives, RA, PC; and VitaCare Long Term Care Pharmacy. WellLife Network would also like to recognize the generosity and support of the New York Islanders for sending their mascot, Sparky the Dragon to entertain the runners. 

Staff and Board Make a Difference

WellLife Network presented some exciting prizes to our board and staff. Award-winning participants included: our amazing WellLife Network board member Steve Bernstein–for securing the largest donation and runner up for most money raised; Elizabeth Matthews, Vice President, Administration–for raising the most revenue and recruiting the most donors; and Jianwei Chen, Controller–for recruiting the largest running team.

We also want to thank our staff who created running teams to help our fundraising efforts. Team included, The Islanders, led by Natashia Crump; The Closers, organized by Jianwei Chen and Care Management Long Island led by Florence Engoran. We also recognize our dedicated top individual fundraising participants: Dane Kanable (Ann Marie and Jason Kanable); Nadia Hrvatin; Lori Alameda; Aldkida Jones-Philbert and Diana Salcedo-Leon. 

The race was organized by Generosity Series, an industry leading fundraising and racing platform that champions the causes of nonprofits nationally. 

A Race Dedicated to WellLife Network Families

This year's 5K Race was dedicated to the more than 25,000 families who rely on WellLife Network each year for specialized care. The race also served as an overwhelming testament to the New Yorkers committed to care for and empower their community's most vulnerable population, runners participating from New York City and Long Island. 

Click here to view photos from our 2nd Annual 5K Run/Walk. 



Did you know that New York State's economy is effectively at full employment, yet 70% of individuals with disabilities are unemployed simply because they lack opportunity? That percentage represents thousands of men and women and a tremendous untapped resource of qualified employees. 


This month, WellLife Network signed the EmployAbility Pledge as a way to recommit ourselves to inclusion and accessibility for all people. We value the unique abilities and talents each person has to offer and we understand that in order to promote the independence of individuals with disabilities, we must also allow them to participate in the community as valued employees.


Your company can be among the first in the state to join us in embracing people of all abilities in the workplace. Take the EmployAbility Pledge today and demonstrate that your business or organization is committed to the spirit of inclusivity by employing qualified individuals with disabilities and providing everyone full opportunities to be your patrons and customers.


When you take the Pledge, you will receive a window decal and a badge for your website designating your business as one that supports inclusion. Your business or organization’s name will also be listed in a press release and on the OPWDD, Employment First Commission, and other partner websites. Click here to add your name to this list today!

95 Corporate and Staff Volunteers Create Paths to Beauty

“Awesome,” cheered Charlene, one of 95 volunteers who gathered at 13 locations across New York City and Long Island to lend a hand to WellLife Network’s Project Volunteer Day. None are trained horticulturists. They are accountants, lawyers, insurance specialists, financial experts, sales reps, administrative assistants and more. They are people who wanted to give back and who liked to do so in an outdoor environment. They didn’t have to worry about being asked to answer complex gardening questions. Trained staff did that.


The volunteers had one common goal – to beautify the residences of WellLife Network through gardening, painting and exterior do-it-yourself projects.


The re-landscaped front entrance at College Point takes on a new elegance thanks to our hard-working volunteers from Mutual of America.

Corporate and Staff Volunteers Made the Difference

Spirits were high as our WellLife Volunteers mulched, weeded, tilled the soil, planted hundreds of perennials and bulbs and spread an amazing 6,400 pounds of mulch at residences for individuals with special needs and mental health challenges. The results were spectacular. Their efforts enhanced the agency’s residential sites and saved dollars for much needed interior renovations. We especially want to thank our corporate volunteers from BDO USA, LLP; Carr Business Systems; Levy Stopol & Camelo, LLP; Lamb Insurance Services; Mutual of America; People’s United Bank and The Home Depot who understand the meaning of giving back. A special “hats off” to Emerald Lawn Care Services, Inc. who prepared the beds and manicured bushes and vegetation at five homes.


Special thanks to our superb landscapers from Lamb Insurance Services who were given a stern warning by Alexa Santoro (center) to be careful of sharp tools. 

Also a big thank you to all of our dedicated staff volunteers and our Board Members, Jeff Finkle and Deborah Boatright who sacrificed their back, arm and leg muscles for the cause!


Brian Rooney, Senior Vice President, Mutual of America remarked, “It is hard work, but the results are amazing. It is satisfying to know we are helping to improve the quality of life of individuals with special needs and their enjoyment of their homes. It is our way of giving back to the people we serve at Mutual of America.”


Our Associate Board members were also out in full force. Michael Lamberg, Regional Sales Manager, Lamb Insurance Services, summed up the day’s activities as he showed off a bed of freshly planted daffodil bulbs which will come to life next spring. “We at Lamb Insurance Services,” said Lamberg,“ are proud to help WellLife thrive in many ways. It is our privilege to volunteer for this worthwhile beautification project.”

Get Involved


WellLife Network is planning a similar grounds keeping event this spring. Join this rewarding project by emailing: Cody.Fisher@WellLifeNetwork.org.


Take a few moments to view the photo album and experience the accomplishments of our dedicated volunteers.


(L-R) Jeffrey Finkle, Board Chairperson; Alan M. Weinstock, CEO, Sherry Tucker, President, WellLife Network; John R. Greed, President and Chief Executive Officer, Mutual of America; and Joshua Lamberg, CEO, Lamb Insurance Services celebrate the 2nd Annual Benefit Gala.

“Be Well for Life,” the newly launched theme of WellLife Network, was much in evidence as inspired corporate supporters and community leaders gathered at the agency’s 2nd Annual “Be Well for Life” Benefit Dinner, held Wednesday, June 6, 2018 at the corporate headquarters of Mutual of America, New York City. The event raised more than $350,000 to support WellLife Network’s comprehensive array of health and social services that, each year, helps more than 25,000 individuals and families achieve greater personal and economic independence.


“Through the work that we do, thousands of people in need benefit. The many individuals and institutions that support us should take pride in the many ways we are assisting people “be well for life,” said Jeff Finkle, WellLife Network Chairperson.


Bill Ritter, Award-Winning Broadcaster,
WABC-TV News served as host and
special guest.

Finkle emphasized the importance of WellLife Network’s ongoing partnerships with government, business, foundations, and the voluntary sectors and the essential role they play in allowing the Agency to provide such a broad and effective range of services.


Special guest Bill Ritter, Emmy Award-Winning Broadcaster, WABC-TV News, once again served as host and special guest for the event.




Joshua Lamberg and Alan M. Weinstock Honored


Two outstanding community leaders, renowned for their business and philanthropic efforts were honored. This year’s honorees included:


• Joshua Lamberg, CEO Lamb Insurance Services, received the Corporate and Philanthropic Leadership Award. In accepting the award, Mr. Lamberg commented, “This is a special organization, run like a business – a business that changes lives and communities. I am honored to support your brand and mission.” Lamb Insurance Services, one of the largest privately-owned insurance and financial services to human service organizations throughout the United States, provides specialty property and casualty products as well as group health and benefits. 


Joshua Lamberg, CEO, Lamb Insurance Services receives Corporate and Philanthropic Leadership Award from Sherry Tucker.

• Alan M. Weinstock retiring CEO, WellLife Network, received the Board of Director’s Lifetime Leadership Award. Mr. Weinstock said, “I have enjoyed the journey of helping individuals become more independent and developing an organization which is dedicated to the betterment of all individuals and communities throughout New York and Long Island. He urged the audience to “make WellLife Network a part of your family’s basic values by giving your time, your energy and your financial resources to a cause you believe in."


Alan Weinstock, a devout Beatles fan receives a limited edition Beatles watch, from Sherry Tucker, incoming CEO to commemorate his amazing four decade career.

New CEO Welcomed


Sherry Tucker, incoming CEO, commented on the challenges faced by all health and human services organizations in developing funding opportunities and creative programming. She pointed out that the uniqueness of WellLife is its network of integrated services that addresses the needs of an ever-expanding base of individuals and families.


An emotional highlight of the evening included the personal stories of three WellLife Network program participants who have benefited from the agency’s services. Each individual received the Be Well for Life Inspiration Award.


Sherry Tucker presents Be Well for Life
Inspiration Award to Michael Johnson, a
participant in WellLife Network’s PROS

Donna Giordano, who gave a riveting account
of her fight from depression to independence,
with Sherry Tucker.












Outstanding Staff Honored


A new tradition began this year as WellLife Network honored two of its staff with the Elaine and Thomas A. Blumberg Staff Inspiration Award, thanks to the generous funding from esteemed board member Tom Blumberg. Sheila McPherson and Lilian Taku were the inaugural recipients of this award for their heroic volunteerism efforts in helping the survivors of the wildfires in California.


Sheila McPherson, LMSW and Lilian Taku receive the inaugural Elaine and Thomas A. Blumberg WellLife Network Staff Inspiration Award from Tom Blumberg, esteemed WellLife Network Board member.

WellLife Network acknowledges the support of major benefit donors, including:


  • Presidential Sponsor: Lamb Insurance Services
  • Benefactor Sponsor: Mutual of America; Premium PayBacks
  • Patron Sponsor: The Richman Group
  • Supporting Sponsor: BDO USA, LLP; Elaine and Tom Blumberg; Levy, Stopol & Camelo; StatRx Pharmacy; Joanne and Joseph Stein, Jr; CSD Housing, LLC; Urban Architectural Initiatives; and WellLife Network Executive Staff
  • Partner Sponsor: Gallagher Benefit Services; Mega Contracting Group; TD Bank; TGI Office Automation and Tristate Apartment Furnishers


WellLife Network, one of the region’s largest and most diversified health and human services organizations, has touched the lives of more than 1 million people over the past 60 years. Learn more about WellLife Network at www.WellLifeNetwork.org.


To view the Annual Gala photo album, click here.


WellLife Network honored 12 loyal employees who have gone above and beyond in performing their job responsibilities at its Annual Staff Employee of the Year Luncheon, organized by the HR Department on February 16, 2018. Collectively, the assembled staff brings more than 121 years of program and support services – ranging from residential, day habilitation, quality assurance to case management, pre-vocational training and more. More importantly, they bring to the workplace their passion and compassion for the people we serve. 


"Working at WellLife Network for many years is like working with family. Together, we work in unison to make a difference." - Michelle Gilchrist 


Compassion for the People We Serve


Michelle Gilchrist was Employee of the Year. She was nominated for her compassion towards program participants who lost a fellow resident on Thanksgiving Day. She stood by these residents and sacrificed her own family holiday to make certain that they were cared for and had mental health support during their time of loss. 


Other award recipients include: January, Soso Manuel; February, Beatriz Washington; March, Rachel Hasan; April, Nick Galiatsatos; May, Ileana Santana; June, Jennifer Marino; July, Tanya BridgesAugust, James Martino; September, Peter Sauerwein; October, Alexandra Lemma; November, Michelle Gilchrist; and December, Peter Hom


Sherry Tucker, President thanked each staff member for their loyalty and stewardship to WellLife Network. "We are truly blessed to have a staff that believes in promoting the individuals we serve in helping them to reach their life goals," she said, "You each serve as role models." 


Making a Steadfast Impact on the People We Serve


Honorees received a Certificate of Appreciation and a beautifully detailed badge recognizing their achievements. Honorees spoke of their journeys at WellLife Network and how their efforts made a steadfast impact on the lives of thousands of individuals we serve each day.


Addiction can impact anybody–whether it's your co-worker, neighbor or loved one. Starting pro-active conversations about addiction challenges can be difficult to do though. 


Where do you start? How do you bring it up? What questions do you ask? The Kitchen Table Toolkit was developed to assist parents, teachers, counselors and the community with guidance on how to initiate conversations about heroin and opioid abuse.  


Starting a conversation about addiction can change the life of someone around you. The Kitchen Table Toolkit is a great starting point for getting the confidence you need to get started.


If you or a loved one are faced with addiction recovery challenges, WellLife Network is here to help.


You can contact us at the number below or visit any one of our clinics on Long Island. 


Central Intake Call Center


Clinic locations: 


234 Long Island Avenue

Wyandanch, NY 11798


55 Horizon Dr.

Huntington, NY 11743


11 Route 111 

Smithtown, NY  11787

Chemical Dependency Prevention

11 Route 111 

Smithtown, NY  11787


The past holiday season is all but a faint memory of family, friends and wonderful meals. But for many children, this holiday season was a hurtful reminder of the challenging times that broken families face during the joyous season.


These children have often been subject to conditions no child should experience. Some children face parents struggling with anti-sobriety diseases or that have severe and persistent mental health issues who repeatedly revisit non-compliance and become frequent visitors of an Emergency Room. For others, the future is just as daunting as they awaken everyday with 100 other families, all homeless, all wanting more, yet many having no choice but to endure the cycle and wait.


WellLife Network’s Care Coordination Team Made a Difference


WellLife Network’s Care Coordination team made a difference in the lives of some 70 families through their generosity and outreach of caring. This past holiday season, our 3rd annual Toys for Tots Drive saw more than 160 new and gently used toys distributed throughout Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island.


WellLife Network's Care Coordination teams wanted to ensure that we provided a positive holiday experience to the children, even if but for a moment.


We also want to thank our generous and caring WellLife Network staff that donated the toys, participated in the gift wrapping and distributed the gifts to those less fortunate this past holiday season. We look forward to putting a smile on even more faces in the upcoming year. 


Today, we had the incredible honor of recognizing and awarding 98 of our dedicated staff members for their longevity and their commitment to the WellLife Network mission. Each individual has worked for the agency 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years. Collectively, they have brought more than 1,000 years of dedicated service, business insight, expertise, care and professionalism to our programs across New York City and Long Island.  


Alan Weinstock, CEO thanked each of the staff members for their loyalty and years of service to the local community. “We are truly blessed to have a staff who believe in our agency, one another and those we serve each day", stated Weinstock.


Honorees were given a Certificate of Appreciation and a beautifully detailed badge recognizing their years of steadfast service. 


The WellLife Network Family



Crystal John, Director of Behavioral Health Residential Services said it best by saying, "At WellLife Network, we are all family." Our staff shows that commitment day in and day out as they serve more than 25,000 New Yorkers each year. 


Join us in congratulating the following staff, who each day empower individuals to lead more independent lives. Their talents and skills strengthen our outreach to the communities we serve and demonstrate that as an agency, we truly embrace our mission of helping individuals realize their full potential by achieving meaningful life goals.


Award Recipients 


Sometimes it takes individuals in need to see the need in others. 

That is what participants with intellectual and developmental disabilities who attend WellLife Network's Day Habilitation programs found out when they raised money to provide holiday meals for less fortunate families on Long Island. 


Participants of the Astoria, Station Road and Long Island City Day Habilitation Programs raised more than $250 in support of WellLife Network's Smithtown food pantry. With a matching grant, provided by senior executive staff, the total became $500. Through the sale of baked goods and healthy snacks, some 80 families will receive a nourishing and satisfying meal this holiday season. With contributions from our Board of Directors and generous vendors the total grew to more than $4,500.


"We wanted to help people who are hungry. People should not be hungry during the holiday," exclaimed Maria, a participant at the Station Road program. "We want everyone to have a great holiday!" 


The WellLife Network Day programs assist individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in learning basic life, socialization and prevocational skills through structured activities and volunteering in the community. 


Serving More than 5,000 Long Islanders

The check was presented to Carolyn Dornstauder, Program Director, and Rebecca Costa, Vice President, Long Island Operations on Tuesday, December 19, 2017. This WellLife Network pantry is one of four located in Suffolk County. Each year, some 5,000 people receive groceries and toiletries from our pantries in Huntington, Smithtown, Wyandanch and Coram. 


The event was covered by Kristin Thorne from Channel 7, WABC Eyewitness News.


Partners Make a Difference

Working in cooperation with Long Island Cares and Temple Beth David, WellLife Network will provide a traditional holiday meal for a family of our, including: turkey, mashed potatoes, vegetables, dinner rolls, cranberry sauce and a delicious apple pie for dessert. 


Here's How You Can Help

Join the WellLife Network who takes care of one another by clicking here to make a donation today!






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