At WellLife Network’s recent Inaugural Annual Dinner, guests were introduced to three outstanding program participants who were recipients of the first WellLife Network "Be Well for Life" Inspiration Award. Their poignant stories were highlights of the evening. Rafael R. is a truly amazing individual, whose life story reflects a lifelong struggle with mental illness, substance abuse, and incarceration.


Rafael’s parents were addicted to drugs. His father passed away when he was 20 years old from HIV. His mother was an alcoholic and diagnosed with bi-polar disorder. He began experimenting with drugs at an early age and was besieged by the ravages of drug addiction. He lost his job and housing simultaneously and lived in his car until it was repossessed on a cold winter night. He was eventually forced to enter the shelter system, an alternative fraught with danger and conflict.


One day Rafael received news of an apartment vacancy that would be his own. Rafael rejoiced, “God heard my cries and my prayers – WellLife Network was giving me an apartment which I now call home”. Despite the difficulties of his earlier life, he exhibits a determination and a commitment to overcome the past and create a new future. “I thank God for my blessings and to WellLife Network for giving me a new start,” said Rafael.


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On May 18th, WellLife Network welcomed more than 120 guests to its inaugural Benefit Dinner at Mutual of America headquarters in Manhattan. Bill Ritter, WABC News anchor, was the evening’s special guest and host as we rallied together to raise more than $200,000 for individuals and families faced with disabilities, mental health challenges and addiction. 



Honoring Leaders in Government

The capacity crowd paid special tribute to Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr. with the WellLife Network Community Renaissance Award. The Honorable Diaz was recognized for his visionary leadership and deep commitment to the Bronx community that has changed countless lives and built a lasting legacy. His passion for making The Bronx and all of New York a better place to live exemplifies the highest ideals of family and community. Accepting for Hon. Diaz was Deputy Bronx Borough President Aurelia Greene. She commented, “We are especially thankful to organizations such as WellLife Network who help to make wonderful things possible in the Bronx.”



Recognizing Corporate Partners

CSD Housing, LLC was presented with the WellLife Network Corporate and Philanthropic Leadership Award for its profound commitment and inspired leadership in restoring lives and strengthening communities through the construction of affordable and state-of-the-art housing complexes. Alan M. Weinstock, CEO, WellLife Network, presented the award to Mike Newman, President, CSD Housing, LLC. 



Inspiring the Community

The memorable evening also included the presentation of the WellLife Network "Be Well for Life" Inspiration Award to three WellLife Network program participants who overcame extraordinary challenges and barriers. Their poignant stories were highlights of the evening. Their awards read, “For all you have accomplished. For all we know you will achieve.” One participant proudly stated, “WellLife Network saved my life and helped me to develop a purpose and direction!”


Looking Toward the Future

Sherry Tucker, President and CFO, WellLife Network spoke of the challenges facing the health and human services arena, including the need to seek out new sources of program revenue. She also highlighted that the uniqueness of WellLife Network is in its ability to accept the most challenging cases in carrying out its mission “to help all in need live more independent and fulfilling lives.”


“The inaugural celebration of WellLife Network is a testament to the work we do, each and every day, in changing lives, giving hope, and bringing dignity and independence to thousands of our fellow New Yorkers. The mission of WellLife Network was best related by Alan M. Weinstock, "Our enduring partnership with the WellLife Network Board, government, the philanthropic, business, and voluntary sectors, staff and volunteers and many generous individuals, strengthens our resolve to continue our shared commitment to serving people who face barriers to economic and personal independence and helping them to achieve success."


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For New Yorkers faced with mental health challenges, intellectual disabilities and addiction, health and human service agencies continue to seek out viable solutions that impact individuals and communities both in meaningful and lasting ways.


Since 1980, PSCH has led the industry in their pursuit of wellness, recovery and independence for those in the community.


Today, that commitment continues with the launch of WellLife Network–one of the region’s largest nonprofits dedicated to the wellness of New Yorkers faced with disabilities, mental health challenges and addiction.


For more than 80 years, WellLife Network, formerly known as PSCH/Pederson Krag, has been an integral part of the New York City and Long Island community, providing hundreds of critical support services to more than 25,000 individuals and families each year.  Our multidisciplinary approach and centralized referral process ensures each individual we serve receives the right services and the right level of care, with an individual treatment plan guided by principles of wellness, safety and recovery.


Today, WellLife Network extends to more than 300 locations throughout all 5 boroughs and Long Island. Our dedicated team of more than 1,800 staff, volunteers, interns and consultants deliver around the clock care to New York’s most vulnerable citizens and leading-edge trainings and workshops for leaders, educators, families, students and clinical and non-clinical staff in the local community.


Whether you are directly impacted by a disability, mental health challenge or addiction, an advocate or a professional committed to your continued education and professional growth, WellLife Network is here for you.


For help and a free consultation, please call (866) 727-WELL.


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At WellLife Network, we believe you have the right to wellness.


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