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Managing Anxiety

Zoom Webinar

Do you ever feel like no one understands your struggle with anxiety? Anxiety is one of the most common struggles people are experiencing today. Since anxiety is an emotion similar to fear, it occurs in response to a perceived threat or danger. There is a difference between worrying and coping with anxiety that interferes with daily life skills functionality. Finding encouragement for working through anxiety can be difficult. Often, others only offer quick fixes for stress relief without really hearing you, which can leave you feeling like you’re the problem or worse—“it’s all in your head.” Anxiety is an oppressive emotion to experience and navigate. Over time, this misunderstood emotion may become a chronic cycle of despair that seems endless.

Objectives: In this community-based training webinar together, we will:

  • Define the term "anxiety" and learn the differences between normal worry and true anxiety  Discuss how anxiety affects one's overall well-being and the long-term results if not addressed
  • Identify ways we rely on habitual coping mechanisms that cycle back to creating the same non-beneficial results
  • Discover ways to stop the anxiety cycle by using our mind as a powerful prevention tool Discuss other helpful tools for healing and changing leading to overall wellbeing

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