Suicide Prevention is Everyone's Business

09/15/2022 - 10:00am to 11:00am
Zoom Webinar

Suicide is a difficult and challenging topic for most people to discuss. Some cannot even broach the topic. It activates a wide range of feelings, including FEAR. There are still many misunderstandings, myths, and stigmas that interfere with a person's need to ask for help and also on the part of those who care and desire to be helpful. A caring and compassionate community is what is needed. SUICIDE PREVENTION IS EVERYONE’S BUSINESS.

Webinar Objectives:
In this community-based training webinar together, we will:

  • Learn why talking about and using the word SUICIDE is difficult
  • Discuss some of the MYTHS and STIGMAS associated with suicide and with those who attempt or complete suicide
  • Be able to ask directly about suicide - while using the word suicide and signs of concern Learn simple steps to engage those who may have thoughts about suicide
  • Discuss what someone who has thoughts of suicide may be looking for from others
  • Develop and learn 24/7 crisis and other related resources in order to keep those with thoughts of suicide safe.

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