Youth Comprehensive Suicide Risk Assessment and Management

09/24/2019 - 10:00am to 1:00pm
WellLife Network, 142-02 20th Avenue, 3rd Floor 11351 Flushing, NY

This training is intended for those working with youth in schools, behavioral and social service agencies and supervisors of youth workers. It is for those who are interested in learning the basic and necessary competencies needed to assess and manage suicide risk. The focus of the training will be on learning best practice skills for assessment, management and intervention. Learning developmentally appropriate approaches in working with youth at risk are essential in creating a suicide safer environment for them. The important role of the school administrators and counselors, other behavioral health professionals and the families will be examined in this context.

The workshop will address:

  1. Current methods that do not effectively attend to risk attenuation
  2. Examine differences and challenges in working with youth
  3. Review collaborative approach
  4. Explore and highlight competency areas
  5. Address management and risk challenges


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