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Advocacy & Family Support


The WellLife Network provides advocacy and support to individuals and their families through our Family Support and Entitlements and Eligibility services. We understand that individuals and their families may need help in discovering certain resources that allow many of the individuals we serve the opportunity to fulfill their life goals.

With the guidance and support of our Family Support Programs and Services Team, each person’s particular needs, individual strengths and aspirations all help to determine exactly what support services are needed. These support services improve each individual’s opportunity to succeed in gaining independence.

Family support services include:

  • Medicaid Service Coordination
  • Community Habilitation
  • In-Home Hourly Respite
  • Individualized Support Services
  • Family Reimbursement
  • ESS: Entitlements and Eligibility Services

Our advocacy and family support services assist participants in gaining entitlements to assure a smooth transition to community living.  

Medicaid Service Coordination (MSC)

WellLife Network Medicaid Service Coordination (MSC) program helps individuals with intellectual/developmental and other disabilities access vital services and supports and plan for their future. Our program is coordinated by well-trained and knowledgeable professionals who are responsive to individuals and families.

MSC promotes the concepts of choice, individualized services and supports, and consumer satisfaction. Service coordinators work in partnership with the individual, his or her family and other service providers to set goals that are meaningful to the individual and enriching to his or her life, which includes the development of an Individualized Services Plan. MSC also has at its goal to inform and educate individuals and their families about rights, available services, procedures necessary to obtain and keep services.

Community Habilitation​

Community Habilitation offers one-on-one life skills coaching at home to individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities living alone or with the family in the community. These services are designed to assist individuals to develop independence, maintain life skills, and enjoy experiences in the community.

Individuals are evaluated and provided with the specific skills training needed, ranging from personal grooming, meal preparation, housekeeping, support for independence in travel, transportation, adult educational supports, development of social skills, leisure skills, self-advocacy, informed choice skills, and more.

In-Home Hourly Respite Service

WellLife Network Respite/Recreation activities provide supervised care and outings, on an hourly basis, while giving families a much-needed break. They are a positive way to explore the community, improve socialization skills, and provide enjoyable mental and physical stimulation. Individuals are encouraged to develop friendships and enjoy the wide variety of activities. Respite services are offered during daytime hours and do not include overnight stays.

Individualized Support Services (ISS)​

WellLife Network Individualized Support Services (ISS) program provides financial support to individuals who desire to live in the community. In coordination with this service, residential habilitation staff ensures that necessary supports are in place to maximize independence. People receiving this service require minimum supervision. ISS includes rent subsidies and assistance from community habilitation staff. People in this program typically live alone or with friends or family in apartments in the community.

Family Reimbursement​

WellLife Network Family Reimbursement for goods and services enables families to address costs associated with caring for family members with disabilities at home, or to address urgent expenses affecting the financial security of the family as a whole. Many of these expenses are critical to the well-being of the consumer and family. Goods and services which may be reimbursed, include:

  • Clothing
  • Mattresses and bedding
  • Attendance at activity-based camp programs
  • National Grid services
  • School-based field trips

Entitlements and Eligibility Services (EES)

WellLife Network provides support services through EES, which assists family and guardians in applying for and maintaining numerous government financial and medical benefits. Our specialists are knowledgeable in SSI, SSDI, Medicaid, Public Assistance and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities. Our EES program also offers free advocacy services.


For more information of how we can assist you with day habilitation, entitlements, or residential services, contact:

WellLife Network Family Support Services

Tel. 718.559.0544

Quality of Life
A Home Filled with Caring and Love
The 145th Road IRA in Jamaica, Queens is a beautiful home to seven young men. It opened in June 2014. The direct care support professionals, clinical teams and management work together to facilitate
a therapeutic and nurturing home
environment for the residents.
Our residential support services assist participants in leading full and active lives. We also provide opportunities for participants to make meaningful community connections. The residence team has seen measurable improvements in the residents' abilities as they work on goals that will enhance their
independence. The central Queens
location allows for the residents
to also maintain close contact with their families.
The WellLife Network of group homes and supportive apartments, throughout New York City, are home to more than 200 adults with developmental disabilities.
Give, so others can live well.

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