This has been a year of change, challenge, opportunity and accomplishment.

We are pleased to announce that PSCH and Pederson-Krag Center (PK) have merged.

Our new name is the WellLife Network.

Welcome to our new site which represents our vision for services that are easily accessible to the residents of communities throughout New York and Long Island.

For some 80 years, PSCH and Pederson-Krag have been an integral part of the New York and Long Island community, providing vital services to those who are among our most vulnerable citizens. Since 1980, WellLife Network, formerly PSCH, has been meeting the growing challenges of individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities and mental illness. In its early years, PSCH operated and maintained community residential facilities for people with developmental disabilities and mental illness, and to provide programs of care, service, habilitation, rehabilitation, social and recreational activities, in a homelike environment. PSCH was initially named the Professional Service Center for the Handicapped, Inc. In 1997, the agency officially changed its name to PSCH, Inc. In January, 2017 PSCH, Inc. was rebranded and is now called WellLife Network.

PK brings a rich array of family, children’s and addiction treatment services to our offerings. Our new name – the WellLife Network – and logo more clearly conveys the vitality, purpose and essence of the PSCH/Pederson-Krag mission.

Pederson-Krag was a well-respected non-profit organization on Long Island. This merger created one of the largest regional health and human services agencies in the greater New York metropolitan area.

This is an exciting time in our history. We take great pride in our work, our dedication to our clients and in those accomplishments that have helped to make this merger a reality. The merger broadens public awareness about the agency’s mission and work, expands its fund raising base of support and strengthens relationships with existing partners in government, business and the voluntary sector.

A Mission-Driven Organization

Our new mission takes the essence of both organizations to create a comprehensive, fiscally responsible human services agency that empowers individuals and families to realize their full potential by achieving meaningful life goals, guided by the principles of independence, health, wellness, safety and recovery.

To this mission of assisting people to heal, recover, and become more independent in the community, our new agency brings a core set of values – compassion and caring, person-centered services combined with quality, efficiency and accountability. These values drive us to create, with technology, innovative solutions to the social and economic challenges that face the people we serve.

Increasing Our Capabilities and Reach

The WellLife Network will increase our scale and capabilities to thrive and grow in a changing health care environment and will allow us to compete more effectively and with sustainability in the health and human services arena. Our extensive network of services in mental health, family, children, developmental disabilities, rehabilitation, vocational training, employment, youth, substance abuse, care coordination, residential and community education services will assist more than 25,500 individuals and families each year.

Please take a few moments to review our new user- friendly website. Contact us if we can be of help to you, a loved one, family member, neighbor or friend. Check out our social media page and send us a tweet or note about your experience with WellLife Network.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Alan M. Weinstock
CEO, WellLife Network

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