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Mission, Values & Vision


To foster an environment where individuals, families, and team members have the tools and support they need to thrive and live a well life.


WellLife Network envisions a future where mental, emotional, and physical well-being are universal rights celebrated by all people equitably, regardless of ability.


To its mission of assisting people to heal, recover, and become more independent in the community, WellLife Network brings a core set of values that drive us to create, with technology, innovative solutions to the social and economic challenges that face our society. Our values include:

  • Change for Improvement - Envisioning an organization that is responsive to change to assure that all that we do is relevant and of the highest standards.
  • Integrity - Ensuring honesty, ethics and transparency in everything we do. Being a trusted partner, employer, collaborator and supporter and caring deeply about our reputation.
  • Quality - Holding ourselves to the highest standards of excellence in our work.
  • Person-Centered - valuing the persons we serve and helping them to achieve their life’s goals
  • Compassion - Caring for and respecting community, staff and those whom we serve.
  • Accountability - Being accountable to our clients; empowering our staff; responsible to our funders, supporters and partners, and demonstrating the efficacy of our work, our outcomes and our results.
  • Staff-Centric – Creating an environment which promotes staff development and respect for their contributions to the people we serve, which helps to drive successful outcomes.



The WellLife Network places an extremely strong emphasis on our infrastructure – the HR, IT, finance, legal, facilities, purchasing, grants management, development, marketing, communications and other administrative functions that support our staff to do their best work with individuals and families. Our infrastructure, which also draws upon the talents of specialty consultants, enables us to deliver efficient and effective health and human service solutions; gives us the capacity to quickly and efficiently launch and scale major programs and initiatives, and significantly contributes to our competitiveness within the field.

Our Impact
<center>which focuses our work and guides our service delivery network</center>
To empower individuals and families to realize their full potential for achieving meaningful life goals, guided by the principles of independence, health, wellness, safety and recovery.
7<br/>Core Values
WellLife Network brings a core set of values that drives us to create, innovative solutions to the social and economic challenges that face our society. Our values include: Change for Improvement, Integrity, Quality, Person-Centered, Compassion, Accountability and Staff-Centric.
Give, so others can live well.

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