Project Volunteer Day at WellLife Network

95 Corporate and Staff Volunteers Create Paths to Beauty

“Awesome,” cheered Charlene, one of 95 volunteers who gathered at 13 locations across New York City and Long Island to lend a hand to WellLife Network’s Project Volunteer Day. None are trained horticulturists. They are accountants, lawyers, insurance specialists, financial experts, sales reps, administrative assistants and more. They are people who wanted to give back and who liked to do so in an outdoor environment. They didn’t have to worry about being asked to answer complex gardening questions. Trained staff did that.


The volunteers had one common goal – to beautify the residences of WellLife Network through gardening, painting and exterior do-it-yourself projects.


The re-landscaped front entrance at College Point takes on a new elegance thanks to our hard-working volunteers from Mutual of America.

Corporate and Staff Volunteers Made the Difference

Spirits were high as our WellLife Volunteers mulched, weeded, tilled the soil, planted hundreds of perennials and bulbs and spread an amazing 6,400 pounds of mulch at residences for individuals with special needs and mental health challenges. The results were spectacular. Their efforts enhanced the agency’s residential sites and saved dollars for much needed interior renovations. We especially want to thank our corporate volunteers from BDO USA, LLP; Carr Business Systems; Levy Stopol & Camelo, LLP; Lamb Insurance Services; Mutual of America; People’s United Bank and The Home Depot who understand the meaning of giving back. A special “hats off” to Emerald Lawn Care Services, Inc. who prepared the beds and manicured bushes and vegetation at five homes.


Special thanks to our superb landscapers from Lamb Insurance Services who were given a stern warning by Alexa Santoro (center) to be careful of sharp tools. 

Also a big thank you to all of our dedicated staff volunteers and our Board Members, Jeff Finkle and Deborah Boatright who sacrificed their back, arm and leg muscles for the cause!


Brian Rooney, Senior Vice President, Mutual of America remarked, “It is hard work, but the results are amazing. It is satisfying to know we are helping to improve the quality of life of individuals with special needs and their enjoyment of their homes. It is our way of giving back to the people we serve at Mutual of America.”


Our Associate Board members were also out in full force. Michael Lamberg, Regional Sales Manager, Lamb Insurance Services, summed up the day’s activities as he showed off a bed of freshly planted daffodil bulbs which will come to life next spring. “We at Lamb Insurance Services,” said Lamberg,“ are proud to help WellLife thrive in many ways. It is our privilege to volunteer for this worthwhile beautification project.”

Get Involved


WellLife Network is planning a similar grounds keeping event this spring. Join this rewarding project by emailing:


Take a few moments to view the photo album and experience the accomplishments of our dedicated volunteers.

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