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WellLife Network is...Dominique

September 1, 2023
Dominique, Program Director of Supported Housing


This is Dominique. She has been with WellLife Network for 14 years and was recently promoted to Program Director of Supported Housing.

Dominique started her career as a case manager at WellLife Network. She spent six years in that role, assisting individuals on a case-by-case basis. Today, as the Program Director of Supported Housing, she oversees 26 case workers and 4 Supervisors—a significant leap from her previous team of nine when she was a Senior Program Coordinator. "The transition has been fairly seamless," Dominique says. "The only real challenge has been managing a greater number of cases."

WellLife Network’s Supported Housing Division is a field-based program with scattered sites across Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Manhattan. Caseworkers visit individuals in the field either monthly or as needed.

The role of case managers is multifaceted. They monitor various aspects of their clients' lives—from overseeing individuals’ medication to re-engaging in clinical services to promote wellness. They also maintain constant communication with each individual and even speak to their families during crises.

"Emergencies can happen at any time," Dominique notes. In instances where an individual goes missing, case workers must follow proper protocol, which involves alerting both the family and the authorities.

Referrals for Supported Housing are directed to the Intake Department. Most of the referrals come from in-house, shelters and hospitals. The team carefully reviews these referrals and applications to select the most suitable candidates.

"We had one individual who struggled to adapt to their new apartment and was constantly facing issues," recounts Dominique. "We relocated that individual, and since then, they have been thriving—a testament to the importance of meeting people halfway."

Dominique also shared a memorable experience: "Years ago, I handled a case involving an individual with a severe hoarding problem. Everything they kept reminded them of their late parents. We established a program to help them declutter, and they made noticeable progress. To incentivize them further, I promised new furniture if they could clear out the space completely. This really motivated them to maintain a clean living environment."

"We help set goals and work collectively to achieve them," says Dominique. "Success isn't guaranteed, but that's what we're here for. I encourage them to see failures not as setbacks but as pauses—opportunities to regroup and move forward. Each story’s outcome depends on the individual involved."

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