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Residential - Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities


The WellLife Network offers an array of living options and supports designed to assist individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities in reaching their full potential. The involvement of families and caregivers — through information sharing, goal setting and ongoing communication — is an integral part of our Residential Program. Living situations are determined by the individual’s personal preference and the level of support and supervision required. The WellLife Network operates group homes and supportive apartments throughout Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan. We pride ourselves on maintaining beautiful and nurturing homes in safe and welcoming communities.

Residential Services Include:

  • Intake and needs assessment
  • Transition planning
  • Individualized service planning
  • Skills development and training
  • Case management and support
  • Recreation and community access

Our residential support services assist participants in leading a life full of activities, learning and friendships and also provide opportunities to make meaningful community connections. We encourage residents to work, attend day services, take pride in their home and participate in community activities.


WellLife offers three housing alternatives:

Intermediate Care Facilities

Our Intermediate Care Facilities (ICFs) are group homes that offer full-time supervision, providing 24-hour staffing oversight to its residents, and ensuring their safety and well-being in all aspects of their life. Together with the input from the client and his or her family/advocate, we develop an individualized treatment plan (ITP) that reflects the outcomes requested by the individual/advocate and sets goals in areas of daily living skills, communication, socialization, effective emotional controls, and community integration. The residents receive nursing, psychological, social services, nutrition, speech, occupational, and physical therapies, and enjoy a wide variety of recreational activities. Residents are also trained in all areas of daily living skills, with the goal of making each person as independent as possible.


ICF Emergency Contact Numbers
Intermediate Care Facility (ICF) Primary Contact Secondary Contact
Selinger (718) 417-3232 (646) 286-6755
Bell Blvd. (718) 224-7843 (646) 284-0234
Ann Mittasch (718) 846-4007 (347) 859-2088
College Point (718) 886-4739 (347) 833-3712
149th (718) 460-3008 (631) 612-4316
195th (718) 776-0280 (347) 725-8467
Butler (718) 478-1397 (917) 626-2085
Maspeth (718)-779-7931 (917) 294-3948
Scannell (718) 527-8800 (347) 924-3445​


Individual Residential Alternatives (IRAs)

Individual Residential Alternatives (IRAs) are homes and apartments of 14 or fewer residents that promote independence and preparing adults with intellectual/developmental and other disabilities to become productive members of their communities. Direct Support Professionals (DSP) assist and guide the residents with medical appointments, daily living skills, all designed to enhance their independence. Staff members monitor and support the individuals 24/7. Residents are actively involved in their meal planning, shopping, cooking, and recreational outings. The WellLife Network operates IRAs in Brooklyn and Queens.

Supportive Individual Residential Alternatives

Supportive Individual Residential Alternatives are one or two bed residences for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities who are more independent. Our IRAs provide the most independent housing option to consumers who have gained the skills necessary to live independently. Supervision is offered 20 hours or less, daily. Staff assists residents with medical appointments and continues working with these adults to enhance their independent living skills. Residents often attend day programs or work in the community. Our Supportive IRAs are located in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Individualized Support Services (ISS)

WellLife Network Individualized Support Services (ISS) program provides financial support to individuals who desire to live in the community. In coordination with this service, residential habilitation staff ensures that necessary supports are in place to maximize independence. People receiving this service require minimum supervision. ISS includes rent subsidies and assistance from community habilitation staff. People in this program typically live alone or with friends or family in apartments in the community.

To Apply

To initiate an application, WellLife Network’s Central Intake Office should be forwarded a referral packet that includes current psychological, psychosocial and medical evaluations.

Our intake coordinator can also assist families in obtaining these evaluations, as well as applying for Medicaid Service Coordination.


For more information of how we can assist you with day habilitation, entitlements, or residential services, contact:

WellLife Network Family Support Services

Tel. 718.559.0544

Meet James
Project Me! It's All About You
Person centered programming is personified at WellLife Network by a unique program we call Project Me. This program, which has been adopted by many of our DD residences, asks each resident, "What would you do with $250 to make your bedroom more beautiful and comfortable?"
Working with their house manager and direct support professional staff, residents learn to make good choices about their environment based on their wants and needs. Our participants have used their stipend to: paint their rooms; buy new linens; purchase new picture frames; buy new furniture; or frame posters of their favorite heroes or hobbies.
The program teaches participants many skills for living, from budgeting to counting money, to interacting with local merchants and learning about sales and more. At their home, each resident assists with the hanging of pictures, making beds and measuring the wall for posters.
James, a resident of one of our Queens ICFs (Intermediate Care Facilities) who has autism, decided to decorate his room with Spiderman posters. When asked why he chose Spiderman, James responded "<strong>Spiderman</strong>&mdash; it's me," grinning from ear to ear.
Give, so others can live well.

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