America Mourns the Loss of Innocent Lives


America is mourning the senseless loss of innocent lives as a result of a series of horrific mass shootings. In the heated discussions that follow these tragic events, the media and politicians often focus their attention on the mentally ill as the responsible parties. This negative attention stigmatizes the mentally ill and distracts from the difficult national discussion about guns and violence. The facts about violence and the mentally ill are clear.



At WellLife Network’s recent Inaugural Annual Dinner, guests were introduced to three outstanding program participants who were recipients of the first WellLife Network "Be Well for Life" Inspiration Award. Their poignant stories were highlights of the evening. Rafael R. is a truly amazing individual, whose life story reflects a lifelong struggle with mental illness, substance abuse, and incarceration.




For New Yorkers faced with mental health challenges, intellectual disabilities and addiction, health and human service agencies continue to seek out viable solutions that impact individuals and communities both in meaningful and lasting ways.


Since 1980, PSCH has led the industry in their pursuit of wellness, recovery and independence for those in the community.


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