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Bridger Services


The Bridger program is WellLife Network’s peer-run initiative which empowers its participants towards health, wellness and independent living. Bridger provides transitional and case management services to severely mentally ill adults, as well as those consumers who are dealing with co-occurring disorders and are nearing discharge from Kingsboro Psychiatric Center.

The goal of the Bridger program is to significantly decrease the need for participants to be re-hospitalized by offering ongoing intensive individual and group peer counseling and support services. Bridger support helps consumers maintain abstinence from alcohol and drugs, manage their medications and recovery and strengthen life skills.

The team, comprised of well-trained peers, offers candidates for hospital discharge four primary service interventions:

  • Engagement in a uniquely personal, positive supportive relationship with a peer
  • Involvement in an array of Peer Support Meetings located both in the hospital, and following discharge, in the community
  • Linkage to a broad range of community-based service and natural supports
  • Teaching community adjustment and wellness self-management skills

The WellLife Network acts as a support liaison to ensure that the participant receives ongoing benefits and entitlements. Participants are also assisted with exploring housing options and are linked to various supportive services located within the community.

Our Peer Specialists seek to motivate and guide each consumer, using an individualized Wellness & Recovery Action Plan. This plan, created in cooperation with the consumer, builds on each participant’s needs, desires and strengths with the goal of maximizing independence.

Bridger Services is located on the campus of the Kingsboro Psychiatric Center, Brooklyn, NY 11203.

For more information, call 718.771.1175 or email 

Meet Robert
The Good Life, Again
As a peer specialist I connect well with the participants because I have walked in their shoes and can relate to the
challenges they experience. Growing up, I had a good life. I did well in school, played sports and socialized with family and friends. At the age of 26, all this changed.
While working and going to college, the death of a family member and the sudden move of another triggered a month-long hospitalization at which time I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. It was a difficult time being hospitalized and the road to recovery was difficult.
I had dropped out of college and was unemployed. Eventually I was able to secure a few part time jobs, but they never were satisfying. Then, I became involved with an IPRT program and was assigned a job coach who helped me find meaningful employment. I worked part-time until 2003 at which time I was promoted to a full-time position. That was a turning point in my life.
While I occasionally still experience symptoms, I have learned coping
strategies to manage them and
persevere. In 2010, I became a WellLife employee as a peer specialist and
have continued to work full time.
I connect well with the clients because
I know their challenges, but, I too benefit from being able to share my experiences in helping them in their recovery.
Give, so others can live well.

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