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Care Coordination


Navigating the health care and social service systems can be challenging for individuals with complex chronic conditions. A significant percentage of Medicaid dollars are spent paying for inpatient care for this segment of the Medicaid population. WellLife Network will help you to access and manage services through improved care coordination and service integration between providers. This coordination is critical to managing health care costs and improving your health outcome.

Best efforts are made to ensure that individuals have access to services within the first 24-hours following referral from the Single Point of Access (SPOA) and as needed on an ongoing basis. WellLife Network model assures cultural competency in service delivery and staff are highly respectful of the privacy of all participants.

WellLife Network provides care coordination services to individuals living in Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Long Island. Our Care Management model establishes a person-centered, recovery-focused system of care for individuals with a mental illness and chronic medical conditions.


The six core functions of care coordination include:

  • Comprehensive Care Coordination
  • Care Management and Health Promotion
  • Comprehensive Transition Care
  • Patient and Family Support
  • Referral to Community and Social Support Services
  • Use of Health Information Technology

WellLife Network partners with state designated Lead Health Homes, each with a network of care coordination agencies and providers. Our partners include: Health and Hospitals Corporation, Northwell, Coordinated Behavioral Care, Southwest Brooklyn Health Home, HRHCare (Hudson River) and Community Health Network.

Outcome Expectations

Communication is essential to success and patient recovery. WellLife Network caregivers communicate with one another regularly so that all of the client’s needs are addressed in a comprehensive manner. This is accomplished through a care coordinator who oversees and provides access to all of the services an individual needs. With a comprehensive plan in place, participants receive the supports necessary to stay healthy, out of the emergency room and out of the hospital.

For a free consultation on how we can work in partnership with you, contact our Care Coordination Central Intake call center:


Queens Behavioral Health Care CoordinationTel. 718.297.1718



Behavioral Health Care Coordination – BHCC1Tel. 718.759.1601


Staten Island

Staten Island Behavioral Health Care CoordinationTel. 718.447.2935  ext. 6252


Long Island

Long Island Behavioral Health Care CoordinationTel. 631.920.8346

Our Impact
Individuals were provided with Care Coordination services this past year.
Our Care Coordination services assist individuals and families across New York City and throughout Long Island.
Give, so others can live well.

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