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Welllife Network’s innovative housing programs and support services, located throughout New York City and Long Island, offer supportive environments to some 1,000 people with mental illness and formerly homeless individuals. Our services promote independence and living with dignity. Building upon the strengths and preferences of each individual, we encourage and support wellness, self-determination and recovery.

Our Approach

For more than 36 years, WellLife Network has been a leader in creating an array of recovery-based housing, from service-enriched community residences and apartments to independent living arrangements with ongoing supports. The goal is to provide an environment that supports individuals to further their recovery and live independently within the community.

Network Behavioral Health Residential Programs serve individ­uals in, the Bronx, Queens, and Long Island more than 350 units. Specialized housing is also available for individuals who require wheelchair accessibility and who also have a mental illness. Programs are funded through the state and city such as The New York State Office of Mental Health and The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Housing Alternatives

The following housing alternatives are offered:

  • Community Residences in Queens and Brooklyn provide 24-hour, 7-day-a-week on-site supervision for people with mental illness and who are able to leave hospital care, but are not yet ready for inde­pendent living. Residents receive guidance and support in personal and community living skills and monitoring of their prescribed medications. Individuals are also encouraged to participate in rehabilitation and vocational program activities outside of their residence.
  • Community Residences/Single Room Occupancy (CR/SRO) in Queens and Long Island, offer living in (24/7) supervised buildings with on-site staffing where individuals live in their own studio apartments with efficiency kitchens and private bathrooms.
  • Supported SRO (SP/SRO) in Brooklyn and the Bronx offers permanent housing living arrangements. On-site case management is offered where individuals live in their own studio apartments with efficiency kitchens and private bathrooms.
  • Apartment Treatment Programs in Brooklyn and Queens provide a bridge from supervised residences to more independent living programs. Residents have their own room in a shared apartment. Network staff makes visits to assist residents in developing their living skills and increasing their participation in the community.
  • Supported Apartment Programs offer people community living in a shared apartment. Network staff provides living skills training and case management services as needed. Apartments are located in Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk Counties.
  • Bed & Respite Services offer an innovative and unique supervised face-to-face alternative service to a more traditional emergency room and inpatient care, open to people aged 18 and older who are anticipating or experiencing a mental health crisis. Stays are limited to 7 days per episode/21 days per year. 

For more information regarding referrals to Behavioral Health Residential Programs, contact:

BH Residential IntakeTel. 917.563.3347/3348

Recovery through Nature
Recovery through the Bounty of Nature
<p>Andrew Alba is a resident of one of WellLife Network’s supported housing residences since 2013. His journey began some 60 years ago when, as a young man he experienced bouts of sadness. This sadness turned to depression, but Andrew was able to graduate school with straight A’s and attend two years of college. He went on to partner in a successful car dealership. His shadow of despair followed him to his 40’s when four events came crashing down on him. He was hospitalized where he received therapy. Upon his release he was referred to PSCH, now WellLife Network, where he has lived for the past six years.
Andrew has become the “Mayor” of the large apartment complex he lives in. Neighbors seek out his advice and guidance. He has found peace in gardening and growing flowers and vegetables, which he shares with neighbors and friends. It all helps in a path of healthy living. He has found happiness in the community in which he lives and shares with others.
Give, so others can live well.

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