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Home & Community Based Services (HCBS)


Why Choose WellLife Network

WellLife Network has been helping people with behavioral health and substance abuse issues for more than 50 years. Our highly skilled and experienced staff has expertise in coordinating and delivering care to individuals in recovery, assisting in reaching life goals.

HARP HCBS can help individuals with severe mental illness with life goals such as employment, school, or other areas of their life. To qualify, a Health Home Care Manager must complete a brief screening that will show if the participant can benefit from these services. If the screening shows that the participant can benefit, the Care Manager will complete a full assessment to determine the client’s whole health needs, including physical, behavioral and rehabilitation services.

HCBS offers the following supports to help participants reach their goals:

  • Psychosocial Rehabilitation – improving skills to reach goals
  • Community Psychiatric Support and Treatment (CPST) – short term treatment with a licensed treatment program
  • Habilitation – learning new skills for independent community living
  • Prevocational Services – skills which will assist individuals in employment
  • Family Support and Training – teaches skills to help the people in your life support you in your recovery
  • Education Support Services – provides education and training for competitive employment
  • Transitional Employment – provides support for a short time while participant is trying out different jobs. This includes on-the job training to strengthen work skills to help keep a job at or above minimum wage
  • Ongoing Supported Employment Services – helps the consumer keep a job and be successful at it
  • Empowerment Services-Peer Supports – peer support to help consumers reach their recovery goals

WellLife Network HARP Plan Partners

Currently, WellLife Network welcomes clients from:

  • Afffinity (Beacon)
  • Amida Care (Beacon)
  • EmblemHealth Enhanced Care Plus (HIP/Value Options)
  • Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield HealthPlus (formerly Amerigroup)
  • HealthFirst Personal Wellness Plan
  • HealthierLife (Fidelis)
  • MetroPlus Enhanced (Beacon)
  • VNS Choice (Value Options)
  • Wellness4Me (Optum/UHC)

For more information, call:

WellLife Network HCBS Services

NYC (Manhattan, Brooklyn & Bronx)Tel: 917-563-3347
Long IslandTel: 631-920-8165

Our Impact
WellLife Network participates with all HARP Plans in New York State.
WellLife Network Health and Recovery Plans (HARP) partners, include:

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<li>Affinity Enriched Health (Beacon)</li>
<li>Amida Care (Beacon)</li>
<li>EmblemHealth Enhanced Care Plus (HIP/Value Options)</li>
<li>Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield HealthPlus (formerly Amerigroup)</li>
<li>HealthFirst Personal Wellness Plan</li>
<li>HealthierLife (Fidelis)</li>
<li>MetroPlus Enhanced (Beacon)</li>
<li>VNS Choice (Value Options)</li>
<li>Wellness4Me (Optum/UHC)</li>
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